Why does my Buffer account on the Android app not match what I have on the web app?

Eek! We're so sorry if you're experiencing this problem. We have seen this happen when users end up with multiple accounts. This can occur if you signed in using your email and password one time and another time via one of your social accounts. We're working on a way to stop this from happening! In the meantime, here are the steps to fix things up.


Head over to the Buffer web dashboard here:  https://buffer.com/app


Click on My Account at the top right hand corner and then click on Email Settings. From here, set up an email address to be linked to your Buffer account.


Next click on My Account and then Access & Password. From here, set up a password to use to login to Buffer going forward.


Open the Buffer app on your Android device and tap the hamburger menu button at the top left, followed by the option to  Sign out of Buffer.


Sign back into Buffer using your newly set up email address and password.

Please let us know if this doesn't do the trick. We're keen to make sure everything is working smoothly for you!