[Publish] How to change your posting schedule from the iOS app

Posts in your queue will be sent out automatically by Buffer, according to the posting schedule that you put in place. Follow the steps below to customise your schedules from the iOS app.


Begin by opening the Buffer app on your mobile device and tapping round avatar icon at the top left of your screen.


Select the social account you wish to customise the posting schedule for.


Tap the Schedule button at the bottom of your screen.


Here you'll see your current posting schedule(s). Tap on an existing schedule to make changes or create a new schedule by tapping Add a new Schedule.

Creating a new schedule will not replace your existing schedule(s). Any new days/times chosen will be in addition to your existing schedule(s).

If you'd like to post at the same times each day, toggle on Post Every Day. Alternatively, choose specific days by toggling them on/off. Finally, choose the times you'd like to post and then tap Save at the top left corner.