[Publish] Email reminders and notifications

Buffer offers a series of email reminders and notifications for various events. You can enable/disable these by clicking on My Account at the top right and then choosing Email Settings from the drop down menu. On the page you should find a section named "Reminders", where you're able to toggle on/off certain notifications. Here's a run down of each:

Empty Buffer

Get an email alert whenever one of your Buffer queues is empty.


Receive occasional emails with new Buffer features and tips.

Update Failures

Get an email alert if one of your posts fails to publish.

Update Successes

Get an email alert whenever one of your posts is published.

Weekly Digests

Receive a weekly email with a summary of your posting activity and performance.

New Contributions

Get an email alert whenever a team member suggests a post, which requires approval.


Get an email when to celebrate posting achievements, such as a high level of engagement.