[Publish] Link attachment customizations


When scheduling posts to your social accounts, you'll see various options depending on which social network you're sharing to. One option, which is available for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, is to use the link attachment, which is auto-generated as soon as you drop a link into the composer. Link attachments mirror what you would see if you were sharing a link natively to these social networks.

Customizations on each social network

The ability to customize these link attachments depends on the social network that you're sharing to.


On December 18, 2017, Facebook withdrew support for the customization of all link attachments that were not your own. Prior to this, it was possible to customize all link attachments, whether they were your own links or not.

In order to customize link attachments that are your own, and have those changes appear on Facebook Pages, you'll need to verify your domain on Facebook first (link customization changes are unfortunately not available for Facebook Profiles at this time).  Facebook has shared more detail on this change here.

To continue customizing the link attachments for your own websites, verify your domains by  following the steps here. You can also find a video of the process here. Once your domain has been verified, you'll be able to customize your link attachments within the Buffer composer.

If you have already scheduled posts, with link attachment customizations on links that are not your own, they will publish to Facebook without the customization after December 18, 2017. The link attachment will show the image, title and description pulled directly from the website's  metadata.


LinkedIn currently supports the customization of all link attachments, so you're able to modify the title, description and image manually. When multiple images are found on the page that you're linking to, you'll be able to click on the arrows to select a different image. And if you'd rather, you can hover over the existing image to upload your own.


Google+ does not support the customization of  link attachments and therefore your posts will be published with the image, title and description pulled directly from the website's metadata.