[Publish] Guidance on repeating posts

Buffer is more of a roll-on, roll-off service, so each post in your queue will only go out once. If you’re looking to share a post more than once, you would need to create separate posts in your queue. That said, there are some limitations in terms of duplicating the same content.

Most social networks aren’t too keen on duplicating the exact same content (there is usually a section in their guidelines or terms of service about it). Therefore we have built the scheduling based on their guidelines. At the same time, we know that you’re needing to get maximum visibility and that posts can easily get missed and lost in the flow.
Re-sharing content is an important part of our social media strategy at Buffer and we have found most success by taking a different angle on the content each time we share it, so we’re not just repeating ourselves. For example, we try out different headlines when sharing a new blog post to our Twitter account. On Facebook, perhaps we’ll use the blog title the first time we share it and a snippet of interesting text from the blog the second time. Sometimes we’ll use an image, other times we’ll use a video or a gif. There are lots of things you can do to reframe your content.
So, what are the exact limitations within Buffer when it comes to re-sharing the same content?
Great question! You will not be able to share the exact same post more than once within a 1 week period, unless a different 10 posts have been published in between the duplicated post.
So, what is the best way to share content more than once through Buffer?
Another great question! There are a couple of ideas we’d love to share for this:
  • Create separate posts in your queue and make sure they’re spaced out
  • Use the Re-Buffer option in Analytics to re-share a particular post (instructions here)
  • Use the Power Scheduler within the Buffer Browser Extension to schedule a post multiple times (instructions here)