[Publish] Buffer's Social Calendar


Sharing on social media can be hard, especially if you’re sharing lots of posts to many different social accounts. One of the things that can help with efficiency and consistency, is having a social media calendar. And Buffer just happens to have one built-in! This helps to not only visualise all your planned posts for the weeks and month ahead, but also to craft your posts in advance so you always have something ready to share.

The Social Calendar feature is only available on our  Awesome and Business Plans.

Using Buffer's Social Calendar

If you're on the Awesome or Business Plan, you'll have access to the Social Calendar feature, which you can get to by using the List/Calendar toggle at the top of your queue.

In your calendar, you’ll be able to see posts that have already been shared to that social account, as well as all your future posts and empty time slots from your Buffer schedule. You’ll also be able to toggle between a week view and month view, as well as being able to look at current, past and future weeks/months.

Past Posts

Hover over past posts to see the full post, along with a summary of the key engagement metrics. You’ll also have the option share your post again, by clicking on Re-Buffer. You might find it handy to use the left arrow at the top of the calendar to look at posts further in the past. Look for posts that have received a great level of engagement, by looking for the star icon indicating a Top Post and share them again.

Future Posts

Hover over any of your future posts to see the full post, along with options to Delete, Edit Post and Share Now. Future posts can also be dragged and dropped elsewhere on the calendar to be rescheduled for an alternative day/time (only available in week view mode).

Schedule Posts

In the week view, you’ll also notice empty timeslots from your posting schedule, which you can click on to schedule a post. Posts added this way will be pinned to that time, meaning they are locked in place and won’t be affected by anything else happening in your queue. Pinned posts are easy to spot within your calendar, as they will have a blue banner.

Video Tutorial

Here's a quick video for the visual learners out there!