[Publish] Managing team members, posting permissions, and approving posts


Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. At Buffer, we have a team of people who share on our social media accounts. In order to give everyone access to the accounts, as well as prevent over-sharing, we have added them as team members.

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Inviting Team Members


Start by clicking on the  Admin link at the top of the dashboard and then click on Team Members.


From there, click on Invite a New Team Member and then enter their name and email address. As the account owner, you’re able to decide which social accounts each of your team members should have access to. This is super handy if you wanted to manage both your personal and business social accounts in Buffer. Assign the team member to each of the social accounts you’d like to give them access to. Once a social accounts has been selected, set the level of access the team member should have.

  • If a team member is invited with Approval Required Access, they will be able to suggest new content, which you can then edit if needed, before approving it to be added to the queue. Any posts created by these team members will be automatically added to the Drafts tab first. From the Drafts tab, team members can either edit their draft post to continue working on it later or click on Request Approval to submit their post for review
  • If a team member is invited with Full Posting Access, they will be able to post directly to the queue, as well as helping you with approvals and managing the schedule — saving you a ton of time in the process. These team members will also be able to create draft posts, edit others' draft posts, and add others' draft posts to the queue. 

Check out this article to learn more more about creating, submitting, and approving Draft posts.

You can then continue assigning the team member to as many social accounts as you’d like.

If your team member should have access to connect social accounts and manage team members on your Buffer account, you can provide them with full Admin Access. Be careful with this option and only grant it if your team member is familiar with Buffer. They will have full control over all of the social accounts you’ve already connected.


Finally, click on Invite Team Member. They will receive an email invitation and will be required to create their own Buffer login. Once logged in, they will have access to any of the social accounts you've assigned to them.

Assigning Permissions in Bulk


If you are managing lots of social accounts, you may prefer to assign permissions in bulk. This can be done by visiting the team member's profile and clicking the assign in bulk link.


From there, tick the social acconts the team member should have access to on the left hand side and then choose the level of access they should have. Finally, click Save Changes.

Approving Posts

The account owner, along with team members who have full posting access, will have the option to edit and approve posts, as well as delete those which you don’t wish to share on your social accounts. 

Any suggestions submitted by team members which require approval, will appear in the Awaiting Approval tab under Content. 

To approve a post right away, click  Approve. The post will be moved into the next available time slot in the queue. If you’d like to make adjustments to the post first, click Edit. From here you can change the text, link or image and then click Save. Once the post is to your liking, you can click Approve to add the post to the queue. 

If you feel the post could benefit from more team collaboration, you can choose Move to Drafts to allow the team member who created the post or other team members with Full Posting Access to make edits to the post. 

You also have the option to remove a post if it’s not one that you’d like to share to social media. Click  Delete to remove it from the list of contributions.

Approving Draft Posts

Account owners and team members with full posting access will also have the options to  Edit, Delete, or Add to Queue for any of the posts in the Drafts tab. Using the Add to Queue option will bypass the Awaiting Approval tab entirely and send the post directly to the queue. 

The Drafts feature is available to customers on a current Business Plan ($99/month level and up). For more information on our legacy pricing plans vs. our current pricing plans, please check out this article.

Tip: If you’ve like to receive an email notification when a new contribution is submitted for approval, click  Account at the top of your dashboard and select Email Settings from the drop down list. You'll see a list of reminders that you can enable/disable. Flip the New Drafts option to 'Yep'!