[Publish] Setting up Posting Groups


Do you have multiple social accounts that you often share the same content to? Buffer’s Groups feature might come in handy for you! Groups are a great way of bundling social accounts together, which helps keep things simple as well as preventing sharing content to the wrong place. With one click, you can select multiple social accounts at the top of the composer.

A few of examples of how you might like to group your social accounts:

  • Group by personal accounts vs. business accounts
  • Group by client (great for agencies!)
  • Group by social network
  • Group by country/region

The Groups feature is only available on our  Business Plans.

Creating and Using Groups

To create a posting group, open up the composer and click on the Create a Group button at the top.

Give your group a name and then select which social accounts belong to it. Once you’ve finished, click Save and Close and you’re all set!

Your group will now be available whenever you open up the composer from now on. Click on the name of the group and the social accounts you assigned to it will be selected.

If you’d like to rename your group or add/remove social accounts at anytime, click on the +Group button at the top of the composer. Click on the group you’d like to modify on the left hand side. Make any adjustments and then click Save and Close. To delete a group, click the Delete Group button at the bottom.

Video Tutorial

Here's a quick video for the visual learners out there!