[Publish] Can we remove the "Posted by Buffer" stamp from our Facebook posts?

Posts sent to Facebook Profiles and Groups via Buffer, will display a "Buffer" link, which looks like this. This isn't a marketing choice on our part, it’s something required of all third party apps right now, which means that unfortunately it's not possible to remove. Facebook Pages on the other hand, will display a "Posted by Buffer" link, which looks like this, but it will not be visible to your Facebook followers. Here's a clear breakdown of what is included and where:

  • Profiles: Displays a "Buffer" link
  • Groups: Displays a "Buffer" link
  • Pages: Displays a "Posted by Buffer" link, but it will not be visible to your Facebook followers (i.e. only people who manage the page will see it)

Here's a side-by-side comparison of how the same post would look on Facebook Profiles and Groups vs. Facebook Profiles:

Why can other platforms remove the "Posted by" stamp?

You may find other social media management applications who are able to offer “Facebook branding”, allowing you to change the “Posted by” stamp to include your own company name. At the moment, this is not quite something which Facebook officially supports. At Buffer we are committed to following API guidelines and best practices from all social networks that we integrate with.

What about other social networks?

With social networks below there is no indication, links or similar that will show that you’re posting through Buffer:

  • *Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

* Some third party tools, such as TweetDeck, will display how a tweet was posted,  like this →