What to do if Instagram reminders are not working on your Android device

If Instagram reminders are not working on your Android device, would you be up for following a few quick steps?


Begin by opening the Buffer app on your mobile device and tapping the hamburger menu button at the top left of your screen, followed by the option to Sign out of Buffer.


Once signed out, sign back in using your Buffer account email and password (if available) or your social account which is tied to your Buffer account.

If you only have a Facebook Page connected to your Buffer account and not a Profile, you will not be able to sign in using Facebook.


You might also want to set Buffer alerts as "priority". You can do this by going to your Android Settings > Apps > Buffer > Permissions > Treat as priorityHere is a video of how to do this. This will ensure you receive Instagram Reminders when your "Do not disturb" is set to "Priority only".

Please let us know if that doesn't do the trick for you. We're keen to make sure things are working as they should be!