[Publish] Which Buffer Publish plans include team members?

You're able to invite team members on our Awesome and Business Plans:

  • Awesome Plan $10/month: Up to 5 team members can be purchased for an additional $10/month per team member
  • Small Business Plan $99/month: 5 team members included
  • Medium Business Plan $199/month: 10 team members included
  • Large Business Plan $399/month: 25 team members included

Please note that team member features are more limited on the Awesome Plan, compared to the Business Plans. On Business, team members can be invited to each social account with either of the following levels of access:

  • If a team member is invited with Approval Required Access, they will be able to create posts in Drafts, and once ready, move them to Approvals, pending review.
  • If a team member is invited with Full Posting Access, they will be able to create posts both directly in the Queue and within Drafts. They are also able to approve posts submitted by team members with Approval Required Access.

On Awesome, all team members will have Full Posting Access, which means they're able to create posts directly in the Queue, and there is no approval process available. In addition, the Drafts feature is only available on our Business Plans.

Interested in finding out more about how each of our plans differ?  Hop over to this handy FAQ.