[Publish] An introduction to Twitter Cards


What are Twitter Cards?

Twitter Cards are an alternative format for Tweets, which are more attention grabbing and allow you to share rich media experiences, like being able to sign up for a mailing list or watch a YouTube video. It's important to note that Twitter Cards will only be displayed if the website you're linking to has them implemented. This is not something that you can control - unless it's your own website!

These extra pieces of media are created by adding a few lines of HTML to the website and then any user who Tweets a link to the page, would have a Twitter Card added to their Tweet, containing extra media. Here are a few examples of how Twitter Cards might look once they've been published:

If you're keen to implement Twitter Cards on your own website, check out these handy links:

Why your Tweets might not be displaying as Twitter Cards

Reason #1 - Are Twitter Cards enabled on the website you're linking to?

Twitter Cards would need to be directly implemented by the website owners within the HTML. If you're sharing a link to a website where Twitter Cards have been implemented, then this should work great once your Tweet has been published. However, if you're sharing a link to a website where Twitter Cards have not been implemented, unfortunately this wouldn’t work.

If you’re trying to determine if the link you’re sharing is set up to use Twitter Cards, jump over to  Twitter’s Card Validator tool here. You’ll be able to enter a URL to preview how the card might appear on Twitter’s feed. If no preview pops up, then unfortunately Twitter Cards have not been implemented on the website link you're sharing and therefore it wouldn't be possible to make thee Tweets appear as Cards on your feed.

Reason #2 - Did you choose an image to go with your Tweet?

Twitter works a little differently than Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, in that a link preview is not generated while you’re composing a post. That said, the Twitter Card would be generated once the Tweet has been posted. We’re sorry we can’t give you a more immediate display of how this may appear once it’s been posted; it’s something we’d love to be able to do in the future.

An important thing to note is that you should not select any images that are scraped by Buffer’s composer. Choosing an image here, would turn your post into an “image post” and therefore not generate the Twitter Card once it’s been posted. Once your write your Tweet and paste in your link, simply add it to queue without attaching or selecting an image.