[Publish] Getting Started with Instagram Reminders


Using Buffer's Instagram Reminders feature, you are able to create and schedule your Instagram posts in advance and when it's time for the post to be published, Buffer will send a notification to your *phone, which loads your photo into Instagram along with your prewritten caption saved to your phone's clipboard, ready to be pasted.

* You will need to be using Buffer's mobile app, either on  iOS or Android.

Connecting Your Instagram Account To Buffer

Choose the relevant link below for instructions on connecting your Instagram account. 

Scheduling Posts

Hop over to your Instagram account by selecting it on the left hand side of your Buffer dashboard. Under the "Content" tab, you'll see a tab labelled "Reminders". This is the equivalent of your "Queue" for other social networks. Upload a photo, write your caption and then click Add to Queue or choose from any of the other options. No matter which option you select, Buffer will send an alert to your phone, for you to post at the appropriate time.

You’re also able to schedule Instagram posts via the Buffer mobile app. However, one of the advantages of scheduling your posts in the web app is that you’ll have access to images of videos that might not be on your phone.

Notifications & Sharing

When it's time for your post to be published, Buffer will send you a notification to whichever devices have been connected. Tapping the alert will bring you to a preview of your Instagram post, ready to be customised and shared.

Tip: If you have multiple Instagram accounts, make sure you are on the correct one before you send your post there!

Tap Open in Instagram at the bottom of the alert and Buffer will automatically copy your caption and open Instagram, with the photo, ready to be customised. You can crop and edit your photo as needed and then click on the caption field and paste in the text that Buffer has copied over. Tap Share and you’re all set!

📌   We're keen to highlight here that you will need to manually paste your caption into Instagram. Unfortunately we're not able to include this automatically due to Instagram's API restrictions. We don't want you to leave your caption behind!

Your post will then be shared to Instagram and you’ll be able to see it on your timeline.

Past Reminders

If you miss a notification, you’ll be able to see all of your past reminders by visiting the "Past Reminders" tab, where you’ll still be able to share them on Instagram, or re-schedule them.

You can also see past reminders in your Buffer web dashboard.

Video Tutorial

Here's a quick video for the visual learners out there!