[Reply] Slack Integration

With our Slack integration Respond can send important conversations and events directly to a channel of your choosing. 

Getting Started

You'll start by connecting your Slack account to Respond.

  1. To do this, navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. Next, enable the Slack integration by toggling it on:

You'll then be prompted to choose and connect your Slack account. 

Using the Slack integration

Once connected, you'll have several options for configuring your new Slack integration. You can choose to send all events to Slack or just those that are important to your team. Specifically:

  • You can choose which types of conversations to be notified about (Twitter direct messages, Facebook comments, etc)
  • You can be notified when either receiving a new reply, when a team member send a reply or both. 
  • You can even be notified of events like when a conversation is assigned or a note is added.