[Publish] Character limits for each social network

Each type of social account that you can post to through Buffer, has its own character limitations in place. Here they are:
  • Twitter: 280 *new* 😊
  • Pinterest: 500
  • Instagram: 2,200
  • Facebook Profiles: 5,000
  • Facebook Pages: 5,000
  • Facebook Groups: 5,000
  • LinkedIn Profiles: 700**
  • LinkedIn Pages: 700
  • Google+ Profiles: 5,000
  • Google+ Pages: 5,000

If you're sharing to multiple social accounts, Buffer will cap the characters at the most restrictive social accounts limit. For example, if you're sharing a post to Twitter and a Facebook Profile, you would be capped at 280 characters.

In these cases, it might feel better to create the posts separately so you can make full use of the larger character allowances for some social accounts. Did you know that you can copy posts from one social account to another using drag and drop?  See how over here. This might be helpful as a starting point for creating optimised posts for each social account you'd like to share to.

We know this is a bit of a pain point for users and we're delighted to share that we're working on a brand new composer, which will allow you to create separate messages for each social account. You can get a sneak peek of the new composer  over here or check it out in the  Buffer Browser Extension. We hope to have it live in the web dashboard soon. Stay tuned!

**LinkedIn allows up to 1300 characters when publishing to a Profile natively, but Buffer only allows 700 characters. As a third-party app posting to LinkedIn, we comply with the official documentation for LinkedIn's API, which has the character limit set to 700. We're keen to respect the guidelines set by LinkedIn and will be sticking to the 700 character limit when posting to Profiles for the time being.