Re-sharing posts that have already been published


Re-sharing content is a really important part of our social media strategy at Buffer, because it enables us to reach audiences who might not have seen our content the first time around. Buffer offers a couple of way to make re-sharing content super quick and easy!

Deciding Which Posts To Share Again

To get started, hop over to the  Posts tab under Analytics. Here, you'll see a history of your posts that have already been published.

On the Individual and Awesome Plans, you'll be able to see all of your post performance data for the past 30 days. On our Business Plan, you'll be able to see data as far back as when you started using Buffer.

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to deciding which posts to re-share:

  • Re-share posts that got the best level of engagement: These posts did well the first time around, so re-sharing them could mean reaching new people and having a similar level of success.
  • Re-share posts that got a lower level of engagement: You might like to think about re-sharing posts that didn't do so well, making some changes and seeing if you can get a better level of engagement next time.

On all Buffer plans, you will be able to see the key engagement metrics listed below the post. It's useful to look at these to determine how well a post performed.

On our Business Plans, you'll also be able to sort your posts by Most Popular and Least Popular, which can be really helpful when choosing which posts to re-share. In addition, Business Plan users will be able to customise the time frame and re-share much older posts.

How To Re-share Posts

There are two easy ways to re-share posts.


The first option is to hover the post until you see a four-headed arrow and then drag the post onto the social accounts on the left hand side, which will add the post back into the queue. You can also drag the post onto any other social account if you'd like to share it elsewhere.


The second option is to click on the Re-Buffer button to the right of the post. This option allows you to edit the post before adding it back to the queue.

When re-sharing posts, it can be a great idea to try different content. For example, we try out different headlines when sharing a new blog post to our Twitter account. On Facebook, perhaps we’ll use the blog title the first time we share it and a snippet of interesting text from the blog the second time. Sometimes we’ll use an image, other times we’ll use a video or a gif. There are lots of things you can do to reframe your content.

Video Tutorial

Here's a quick video for the visual learners out there!