Adding posts to your queue

The queue is your “backlog” of posts, ready to be shared with the world. You’ll have a queue for every social account you connect to Buffer. Once you have your posting schedule configured, you're ready to start adding posts to the queue! Feel free to follow the steps below. 

Open the Composer

To get started, click inside the  "what do you want to share?" box at the top of any of your queues. This will open up the composer, which is where you can craft your post.

Choose your Social Accounts

The first thing you might like to do is choose which of your social accounts you would like the post to be published to. Select or deselect the social accounts you'd like to include by clicking on the avatars at the top of the composer.

Top Tip: The check marks next to your social accounts on the left hand side of your dashboard, indicate that they are set as defaults. If a social account is set as default, it will automatically be selected whenever you open the composer to schedule a post. For more information on default social accounts, please click here.

Top Tip: If you're managing a larger amount of social accounts, and you're on one of our Business Plans, you might like to set up some posting groups. Groups are a great way of bundling social accounts together, which helps keep things simple as well as preventing sharing content to the wrong accounts. With one click, you can select multiple social accounts at the top of the composer. For more information on posting groups, please click here.

Create your Post


Feel free to type in or copy and paste the text you'd like to use for your update. Each type of social media account has its own character limits, which you can  see here.

Links, Images and Videos

Any links you paste into the composer will be automatically shortened, using the link shortener of your choice. For more information on choosing a link shortener,  please click here.

For Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, if you include a link in your post, a link preview will be auto-generated. You can keep this or replace it with you own image or  video.

For Twitter and Pinterest, if you include a link in your post, Buffer will scrape the page and offer you some thumbnail images to choose from, or you can choose your own image or  video.

For Instagram, you will need to upload your own image or  video.

Schedule your Post

Once your post is ready, there are a few options for you to choose from:

  • Add to Queue (default): Your post will be saved at the bottom of your queue, in the next available time slot in your posting schedule.
  • Share Next: Your post will be saved at the top of your queue and be the next post to be published. Other posts in your queue will all be bumped down 1 slot.
  • Share Now: Your post will be published immediately to any of the social accounts you've selected.
  • Schedule Post: You will be able to choose a custom date and time in the future for the post to be shared. These posts will be locked in place and won't be affected by anything else happening in the queue. For more information on custom scheduling posts, please click here.

Manage your Post

Once saved, your post will be added to the queue, which is displayed in a list format by default.

If you added the post to your queue using the Add to Queue or Share Next  option, you can hover over the time it's due to be published to swap it to a custom time if you'd like to.  You'll also have the option to delete or edit your post as well as moving it to the top of your queue or sharing it now. And if you'd like to move your post elsewhere in the queue, you can simply drag and drop it.

If you added the post to your queue using the Schedule Post option, you'll see a blue banner highlighting the publishing time. You can always hover over the banner to change the custom time or swap it to your usual posting schedule.

You can always check out your queue in a calendar format by using the toggle at the top. For more information on Buffer's Social Calendar,  please click here.