[Reply] Why might I be unable to send a reply?


There's a few scenarios in which you will be unable to send your reply due to limitations of a particular channel or other issue. 

Can't send a Direct Message to a particular user

This is generally related to Twitter permissions. By default, the account you're replying from along with the user will need to be following each other for you to send a Direct Message. In some cases too, Twitter users can opt in to disable all Direct Messages. Here's a few things you can check though:

  • Does this user follow you (and specifically the Twitter account your sending a reply from)?
  • Does this user allow anyone to send them Direct Messages? One quick way to check is by visiting their Twitter profile and looking for a Direct Message button. 

One easy way to avoid these sorts of issues is to use the ' Insert Direct Message Link' option in the composer: This will include a unique link in your public Tweet reply:

Twitter will then convert this unique link into a special button that users can click on to initiate a Direct Message all without having to worry about Twitter permissions:

A Twitter or Facebook account has been removed

We'll show you a warning in the event that you remove an account that's needed for a particular reply. Currently only Twitter @mentions can use our account picker feature and reply to a tweet from an account other than the mentioned one. For all other replies, the account a message is addressed to must be connected in order to send a reply.