[Reply] User roles


Buffer Reply currently supports two user roles by default. 

Admin users have the highest level access. This is typically reserved for one or two members of a team. By default, they have access to a few items that agents do not:

  • Add, remove or change the role of users
  • Add, configure or remove social profiles (channels)
  • Add edit or remove automation rules
  • Add, configure or remove integrations
  • View and update billing details, including cancelling an account

Agents typically make up the majority of a team. A user in this role will have access to:

  • Add, edit and mange the visibility of tags
  • Reply, assign, like, and close conversations
  • Apply or remote tags from conversations
  • Create and delete notes
  • View and export reporting data

Changing a users' role:

  • Navigate to Settings > Team
  • In the Role column, select either Admin or Agent for a user

Important notes:

  • When new users are invited to an account they will be given agent access by default. 
  • Users cannot delete their own account or change their own role