[Reply] What is Buffer Reply?

Reply is an engagement tool for businesses, already being used by companies like Trello, HelpScout, GitHub and Intercom! Currently integrated with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Reply brings all of your social customer support requests into one simple team inbox. Many social media tools are built for marketing, not customer service. Reply is designed to keep your support team perfectly in sync, so you can deliver incredible support in a fraction of the time.

Reply includes features such as:
  • Filters: Letting you bypass the chatter of social media, so your team can focus on support-related conversations, crush the queue, and get to inbox zero faster.
  • Automation rules: Create rules to automatically route, tag and assign conversations
  • Customer profiles:Reply shows you everything you need to know about your customers right inside your inbox, so your team can provide personalized responses and build strong relationships.
  • Collision detection: See which teammates are responding in real-time.
  • Assign conversations: Assign support requests to the right person on your team
  • Internal notes: Communicate privately with your team using internal notes
  • Personal signatures: Custom reply signatures for each team member
  • Built-in emojis: Add a touch of personality to your replies with emojis.
  • 20+ Keyboard shortcuts: Quickly navigate between conversations, take actions within conversations and loads more!
  • Move tweets to direct messages: If you need to tackle in-depth or sensitive support issues, you can easily move your public tweets to direct messages- without having to follow each other.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting for customer support: Reply puts critical customer service data at your fingertips with easy-to-read reports, so you can make the best decisions for your team.
  • Slack integration: With our Slack integration you can easily send new support requests directly into the Slack channel of your choice so you can act quickly on the most important conversations.
Reply pricing is completely customised based on your specific needs. We offer a Professional Plan and a Business Plan, both of which are priced based on the number of social channels you’re looking to manage and the number of team members who’ll be helping out.
As an example, for 3 social channels and 3 team members, the Professional Plan would be $120/month and the Business Plan would be $295/month. Feel free to hop over to our pricing calculator here to create your perfect plan and check out which features are available.