[Reply] Transitioning to Buffer Reply

Buffer Reply is the next major iteration of our innovative social customer care platform. We've worked hard to make sure the transition from is as seamless and simple as possible. In this quick guide we'll walk you through getting setup and highlight some of the changes and new features you'll see. 

Logging into Buffer Reply

  1. Before you can login, you'll need to ensure you've setup email login. If you're currently logging into our Classic product with an email and password you're all set. Head to step 2 😊
  2. To login to your existing account navigate to reply.buffer.com/login

Key Differences 

Unified Inbox: Twitter & Facebook support

Buffer Reply  now supports Twitter and Facebook with more channels coming soon. With our unified inbox you'll see all your messages (Tweets, Twitter direct messages, Facebook private messages and more) in one inbox with each conversation having a small icon to indicate it's type

Conversation statuses
We've made a few adjustments to conversation status in Buffer Reply:

  • Open: These are new conversations that are awaiting a customer reply.
  • Pending: New is the Pending status. This can be used for on-going or in-progress conversations. 
  • Archived is now Closed: While we've changed the name of this state it fundamentally works the same way. Closed conversations will remain closed unless a customer replies in which case we'll re-open the conversation.

Keyboard shortcuts

In Buffer Reply, we've expanded our keyboard shortcut support. Just about everything can be done with a pure keyboard workflow (and you'll see keyboard hints in every tooltip). Be sure to see our full  keyboard shortcut reference guide for everything. 

We have however made a few changes with the most notable ones being:

  • E (Archive) is now C (Close)
  • L (Like) is now F (Favorite)


In Buffer Reply you'll find many of the same folders though we've made it much simpler to navigate and find exactly what you're looking for

  • Team Inbox: this is where new unassigned conversations will first appear
  • Mine: conversations currently assigned to you
  • Assigned: all conversations assigned to your team (excluding your own assigned conversations)
  • Closed: conversations that have been closed (archived)
  • Custom tag folders: When you or a team mate creates a new tag we'll automatically create a matching tag folder in the sidebar. This is where you'll find all conversations with a given tag. You can even view this folder by conversation status showing all, only open, or only closed conversations. 

Some team settings are now per-user preferences

Auto-assign when replying – this team setting that must now be enabled per team member in Buffer Reply:

Pre-fill reply with everyone (Reply-all) –  this team setting  that must now be enabled per team member in Buffer Reply: