Creating Drafts in Buffer Publish

The Drafts feature is available to customers on a current Business Plan ($99/month level and up). For more information on our legacy pricing plans vs. our current pricing plans, please check out this article.


Sometimes a post might need a few adjustments or another team member's edits before it is ready for the queue. We've created the Drafts feature to allow account owners and team members to collaborate on posts prior to adding them to the queue. The draft creation process varies slightly depending on posting permissions, as outlined below. 

Creating Drafts as an Account Owner or Team Member with Full Posting Access

To create a draft post from your account with Full Posting access, click on the Drafts tab. Click inside the "Create a new draft" box underneath the Drafts tab. This will open up the composer, which is where you can craft your draft post. 

Once you're done adding your text, links and/or images, you can click Add to Queue, Share Now, or Schedule to add the post to your drafts queue. 

As a team member with Full Posting Access, you'll also have the option to Edit, Delete, or Add to Queue for any draft posts in the queue, including posts from other team members. 

Creating Drafts as a Team Member with Approval Required Access

There are two ways to create a draft if you have Approval Required Access.

Using the Composer: Head to Content > Queue > "What Do You Want to Share" to open the composer window and begin typing your post. Once you're done adding your text, links and/or images, you can click Add to Queue, Share Now, or Schedule to add the post to your drafts queue. 

Any posts you create in the composer will be automatically sent to the "Drafts" tab once you've scheduled the post. 

Using the Drafts tab: click inside the "Create a new draft" box underneath the Drafts tab. This will open up the composer, which is where you can craft your draft post. 

Once your draft has been created, you'll be able to Edit, Delete, or Request Approval for any of the posts you've created. You'll also be able to see any posts created by your organization, though you will not be able to edit or delete their posts. 

Once your post has been submitted for approval, click on Pending Approval to see your posts that are awaiting approval. If you decide you no longer need the post, you can click Delete to remove it forever, or if the post needs changes before it can go into the queue, you can Move to Drafts to make any necessary adjustments.

Note: Each social account has its own queue of Draft Posts. At this time, it is not possible to create a draft post for multiple social accounts at once. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause!

For more details about inviting team members, assigning team member permissions, and approving posts and drafts, please check out this article.