[Publish] How to schedule Facebook shares


Using the  Buffer Browser Extension, it is possible to schedule Facebook link or image post shares. Once you have the extension installed, find a Facebook post you'd like to share and click on the Buffer link that appears beneath it. The composer will open on the page, allowing you to add a comment (optional) and then add the post to your queue.

However, it's not quite the same as sharing a post natively within Facebook. Let's take a look at the differences.

Sharing through Facebook Vs. Sharing through Buffer

The screenshots below are of a link post and an image post, both shared natively through Facebook (using their built in Share feature). Notice with both posts, it's clear that they have been shared from someone else's Page ("shared Help Scout's post", "shared Buffer's photo").

The screenshots below are of a  link post and an image post, both scheduled through Buffer (using the Buffer link that appears beneath the post). Notice that with these posts, they appear as if you have shared original content, which in some cases, might not feel ideal.

The Workaround

Whilst Buffer is not able to officially support re-sharing other people's Facebook posts, we have found a workaround that may do the trick in most cases.

Instead of using the Buffer link beneath the post, follow the steps below:

One thing to remember is that the Facebook post will need to be public in order for the shared post to work.

Right click on the timestamp of the Facebook post you'd like to share and copy the link address


Head over to your Buffer dashboard, open up the composer and paste in the copied link


Manually un-shorten the link by holding down Command ⌘ (on Mac) or CTRL (on Windows) and then clicking on the link


Make sure you have the Facebook account you'd like to share the post to selected at the top of the composer and then click Add to Queue (or choose any of the other options)

The resulting post will appear as a regular shared post, as if it had been shared through Facebook itself.

This method should also do the trick for sharing video posts.