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Permissions Connecting your Facebook Group
What to do if your Facebook Group isn't listed


In order to connect a Facebook Group to your Buffer Publish account, we'll need to authenticate through your personal Facebook Profile that has the Admin role on the Group you're looking to connect. It is not possible to connect Groups that you are only a member of. Learn more about Facebook Group Roles here. Connecting Facebook Groups requires an additional step of adding the Buffer app within your Group settings in Facebook itself.

Please note, all posts published to a Facebook Group will appear as being posted by the Facebook member who connected the Group to Buffer Publish. Learn more about post attribution here.

How to connect (or reconnect) your Facebook Group

Please note, you will need to complete these steps on a computer, as opposed to a mobile device. The settings that need to be changed in Facebook are not available on mobile.


Log into your personal Facebook Profile that has the Admin role on the Group you're looking to connect.


Log into your Buffer Publish account.

If you're reconnecting your Facebook Group (as opposed to connecting it for the first time), select the disconnected Facebook Group on the left hand side of your dashboard, and then head to Settings > Reconnect. Enter your Facebook password and then click Continue. From there, please jump to step 5.


Click Manage Social Accounts at the bottom left hand of your dashboard. From there, click Add a New Social Account and then click Facebook Group.


Click on the Group you'd like to connect.


Click Authorize Buffer on Facebook


You'll be taken to your Group settings in Facebook, with a pop up to add the Buffer app to your Group already open. Click Add, followed by Done.


Hop back over to your Buffer Publish account and you should see your Facebook Group connected.

What to do if your Facebook Group isn't listed

If your Facebook Group is not listed when walking through the steps above, it means that Buffer Publish does not have permission to connect your Group. To fix this, you'll need to remove Buffer from Business Integrations in Facebook and then try connecting your Group again. Please follow the steps below.


Head over to Facebook and navigate to Settings and then Business integrations (or click this link).


You should see Buffer listed in the integrations area. This will need to be removed in order to continue. Tick the check box and then click Remove.


Leave the check box unticked and then click Remove.

Why do I need to do this?

When you're connecting, you'll see a step to authorize Buffer to access your Facebook account, as shown here. At this stage, it's crucial that you click OK, and not Choose what you allow.

This option is required to be shown in this step due to Facebook's guidelines, but modifying any of the permissions here will mean that we are not able to authenticate with your Facebook Group correctly. By removing Buffer from Business integrations here, you'll be able to reauthorize Buffer to use your Facebook account and ensure you're not modifying the permissions this time.


Finally, head back over to Buffer Publish and try connecting your Facebook Group again, following the steps here.

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