[Publish] Analytics: Overview Report for Facebook Pages

The Overview Report for Facebook Pages is only available on our Business Plan. Learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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The Overview Report provides insight into your overall engagement levels. The tables and charts throughout this report are designed to give you at-a-glance insight into how you’re performing over a specified date range. This report helps you to answer questions like how many impressions and engagements your posts have received, and how your number of fans is growing over time.

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Report features

Customizing the date range

Use the date picker to choose a preselected or custom date range. This will be reflected in the tables and charts throughout the report.

Exporting the data

All of the data can be exported to both CSV and Images, using the buttons at the top right of the report. Both of these options will generate a Zip folder of each report displayed on the page.

Download sample reports here

Performance table

This table shows aggregate metrics for all posts sent during the selected date range, including native posts. It's designed to give you at-a-glance insight into you you're performing. Check this table regularly to build up your long-term intuition on overall performance!

Metrics breakdown chart

This chart allows you to view and compare performance metrics and fans over time. You can choose to view the performance for the previous period as well, which will allow you to compare metrics for the same amount of time immediately proceeding the selected date range. In the legend at the bottom of the chart, you will find the total number of the chosen metric over the selected date range.

Top posts table

This table shows you the top 10 best-performing posts, sorted by impressions. Use this table to review your most effective posts.

Performance metrics

You can find a detailed description of each metric here.

Common questions


Are native posts included?

Native posts are included in the Overview Report. Data on anything you publish on Facebook directly, or through another third party app, will be shown in the Overview Report.


How often is the data refreshed?

Each day, we fetch your Page posts from the Facebook Graph API. This service provides rich, highly reliable "source-of-truth" data, which we process and deliver to you via the Overview Report. The numbers are crunched daily, which means you will always have data for yesterday and beyond. Please note that all Facebook Page metrics are collected and displayed in Pacific Time.


How far back does the data go?

Analytics are never deleted so you'll always be able to customize the date range as far back as you'd like. When you subscribe to a Business Plan, or connect a new Facebook Page account and you’re already on a Business Plan, Buffer Publish will backfill data on native posts published over the past 6 months.


What could cause discrepancies between the data seen in the Overview Report here, and data in Facebook Insights?

There are a couple of reasons you might see a discrepancy between the data in the Overview Report and the data in Twitter's native analytics. Please visit this link for more information.

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