[Publish] Best practices with team members


Granting Admin Access

When inviting a team member to Buffer Publish, you will have the option to enable Admin Access for them. This allows them to connect or remove social accounts and invite or remove team members, including granting and revoking their own permissions to connected social accounts.

Team members with Admin Access have very similar level of access as the account owner, with the only exclusion being the ability to access the Billing area of the account. For this reason, Admin Access should be used sparingly, and only granted to users who need the ability to manage social accounts and team members.

See here for guidance on inviting team members to your Organization >>

Team members' social accounts

Users who have been invited to Buffer Publish as a team member, will have their own account on the Free Plan. They do not need to be on a Business Plan, since they’ll have access to all the Business features for any social accounts they’ve been invited to.

They are able to connect their own personal social accounts within the limits of the Free Plan, which is up to three social accounts, excluding Pinterest. Any accounts they connect will only be available to them, and cannot be shared with other team members, since this functionality is not supported on the Free Plan.

We have seen this lead to some confusion for team members, since they have the ability to connect social accounts, and then don’t understand why they’re not able to share them with other team members. If you would like a team member to be able to connect social accounts to the Business Organization, you can enable Admin Access for them.

Admins on a Business Plan are able to connect social accounts to the Organization. In this case, when connecting a social account, they’ll be prompted to choose either the Organization they’re an Admin of, or their own personal account. As long as they choose the Organization, those social accounts can then be shared with other team members.

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