[Publish] Best practices for maintaining a healthy account


Receiving important emails about your account

Whilst we try to limit the number of emails we send your way, from time to time, there are important messages that we'd love to ensure make it to the right person. These might include alerts about disconnected social accounts, post failures, failed payments, and new feature advice. These emails will be sent to the account owner. Because of this, it's important to consider who the account owner should be, and which email address is used. We recommend using an email address that is actively monitored, so emails can be actioned quickly as needed.

Your account runs smoothest when there are fewer than 300 social accounts connected

Whilst it is possible to connect more than 300 social accounts to your Buffer Publish account, we find that customers experience best performance and speeds when there are fewer than this connected.

Does that mean that you can't schedule content to more than 300 social accounts through Buffer Publish? No. What we encourage is that if you manage more than 300 social accounts, we split them across multiple Buffer Publish accounts, in order for you to maintain the best performance and speeds.

If you're currently managing more than 300 social accounts and you're noticing any dips in performance, we'd love to work alongside you to find the right split for your business and help transfer some of your social accounts from one Buffer Publish account to another. Feel free to email  customersuccess@buffer.com to chat.

Oh, and if you do decide to split up your accounts, we’ll ensure that your billing is still centralized for you!

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