[Analyze] What is Buffer Analyze?

Buffer Analyze is our brand new, in-depth social media reporting tool. Features within Analyze include insights into posting behaviour (e.g. which day is most effective to post, what kind of content is getting you the highest levels of engagement), a complete post breakdown with sorting, Instagram Stories analysis tools, and the ability to create custom reports with PDF export. Analyze currently supports Facebook Pages, and Instagram Business Profiles.

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I'm a Publish customer on a Business Plan. Why might I want to subscribe to Analyze as well?

Great question! Whilst analytics and reports are available within Publish on our Business Plans (and included in the cost), we found a need for some customers to have more powerful analytics tools. By creating Analyze as a separate product, we don’t have to include these more powerful tools for everybody, who might not need them, and raise the cost of the Publish Business Plans. With this setup, you only pay for the level of reporting that you need. The cost associated with Analyze allows us to dive really deep with the tool and dedicate a number of resources to building the best solution possible for those who need it.

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