[Analyze] Instagram metric descriptions


All metrics are pulled from Instagram's Graph API. When you first subscribe to Analyze, we will backfill up to six months of Instagram post metrics and followers. After a full calendar month has passed, Analyze will stop updating all metrics for the post.


The table below provides a description for each metric that appears within Analyze. The post time shown under the Post Breakdown currently default to the Pacific timezone.

Posts The number of posts sent.
Reach The number of unique people who saw your post(s).
Impressions The number of times people saw your post(s). This number will always be higher than Post Reach because some people will see your post(s) multiple times.
Engagement Rate The percentage of impressions that resulted in an engagement (number of engagements divided by the number of impressions).
Likes The number of likes your post(s) received.
Comments The number of comments on your post(s).
Video Views The number of times your video(s) were viewed.
Post Saves The number of times your post(s) were saved.
New Followers The number of followers you gained or lost.
Total Followers Your total number of followers.

Please note, we are unable to pull in likes on boosted posts due to limitations with Instagram's Graph API. For example, if you shared a post and it received 50 likes, Analyze would show 50 likes. However, if you then boosted the post and it received a further 500 likes, Analyze would still only show 50 likes. We're so sorry about this limitation.

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