[Publish] Is it possible to post to Instagram Stories?

Due to limitations with Instagram's Content Publishing API, we're only able to publish posts automatically to Instagram feeds. We're not able to publish content automatically to Instagram stories. However, if your post is scheduled as a reminder, you will have the option to choose whether to publish to your feed or your story once the notification has come through to your phone and you have opened the Instagram app.

The complication is that posts will only be scheduled as reminders under certain conditions, meaning it's not possible for you to choose to schedule your post as a reminder. Posts will be scheduled as a reminder under the following conditions:

  • Your post is being published to an Instagram Personal Account (as opposed to a Business Profile)
  • *Your post includes multiple images
  • Your post includes an image that is outside of Instagram's accepted aspect ratio range
  • You have disabled Instagram Direct Scheduling, therefore forcing all posts to be scheduled as reminders

* Although posts with multiple images will be scheduled as reminders, it's not possible to publish these to your Instagram story. Instead, they would be posted to your feed.

In the cases listed above, excluding multiple images, you will be able to choose to publish to your Instagram story once the alert has come through to your phone and you have opened the Instagram app. Other posts will be published automatically to your feed.

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