[Reply] Twitter seaches

Twitter searches are only available on our Business Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.



Right now, your Buffer Reply inbox populates with social media conversations that you're tagged in. While that's enough for many folks, others find the desire to know more about what is being said about their brand around social media, even when they aren't @ mentioned in the post.

This is where Twitter searches come in. Twitter searches allow you to specify a keyword, phrase or hashtag that you'd like to track. When a Twitter search is implemented into your Buffer Reply account, you'll have the ability to see all tweeted conversations around that keyword, phrase or hashtag populate into your inbox, alongside the conversations you're @ mentioned in.

For example, at Buffer, we like to make sure we see all mentions of Buffer around Twitter, even when our handle isn't @ mentioned. To do this, we added a Twitter search. We now see every tweet that uses the word "Buffer" in it in our Buffer Reply inbox.

Can Twitter searches be implemented within Buffer Reply?

Yes, they can! At the moment, all Twitter searches are currently tested and created by our team. Feel free to contact us with the results you're looking to achieve, and we'll help you get there!

Once your Twitter searches have been set up, they'll start flowing into your Team Inbox within Reply, just like other types of messages. If you like, you could route all of these to a specific folder using tags and automation rules. Check out  this guide for instructions on setting that up.

How do I know which Twitter searches to implement?

While there are no rules, these are a few common Twitter searches we see implemented:

  • Mentions of your brand name
  • Common misspellings of your brand name
  • Your CEO's name
  • Your brand's campaign hashtags
  • Common support-related words or phrases (e.g. "help me," "I can't figure out"), along with your brand name
  • Another brand's hashtag or brand name

If you'd like to try out your Twitter search before asking us to implement it, feel free to use  Twitter's Advanced Search tool here. It allows you to run targeted searches. A few examples include looking for tweets with "all of these words" or "this exact phrase" or "none of these words", and you can combine them too! You can also save your advanced searches in Twitter, allowing you to come back and check the results anytime.

What can I do with Twitter Searches?

You can use the information you receive in many ways. Here are a couple ideas:

  • Engage with everyone who references you with the intention to build relationships
  • Track mentions of one of your campaign hashtags for reporting purposes
  • Follow the social status of a news story
  • Understand or do research on what folks are saying about one of your products or one of your competitor's products

Due to API limitations, unfortunately, it isn't possible to perform a function similar to Twitter searches for Facebook or Instagram.