[Publish] Data discrepancies between Buffer Publish and Facebook Insights

There are a couple of reasons you might see a discrepancy between the data in Buffer Publish and the data in Facebook Insights.

Firstly, when it comes to clicks, there are a couple of different metrics for Facebook:

  • Post clicks: Clicks anywhere on the post, e.g. link attachment, image, avatar, timestamp
  • Link clicks: Clicks that specifically take place on the link

In Buffer Publish, the Posts Report show post clicks, which means they will appear higher than link clicks if you’re looking at Facebook Insights.

Secondly, after working closely with a few customers, we have discovered that the data displayed in Facebook Insights does not always seem to be accurate. However, the data available in the CSV export (also from Facebook Insights) is accurate. We believe there are one or two unresolved bugs on Facebook’s side that mean the data shown on the screen, does not always represent the real data. To corroborate the data, we recommend that you export it to CSV. The data there should more accurately reflect what you see within our reports.

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