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Shop Grid is only available on our Premium and Business Plans. Additionally, it is only available within our new interface. To switch over to the new interface, click My Account, followed by Try the new Publish.

Summary Adding links to your Instagram posts
Updating your Instagram bio link How users will see your page


Many businesses now rely on Instagram to improve brand awareness, and it has become as a major source of traffic. With the lack of hyperlink capabilities in Instagram posts, many solve this by saying something like “Check out the link in our bio” within the caption of a post, in an effort to direct traffic to the right product or promotion.

Brands using this method are then manually editing that bio link when new posts are published, to ensure the link goes to the right place, depending on what their latest post is promoting. It's this manual and imprecise solution that we are hoping to improve with our latest feature, Shop Grid. Shop Grid allows you to add links to each of your posts, which will then be displayed on a unique page that can be used as the permanent link in your bio.

Start by heading over to the Shop Grid tab. Here, you'll see your latest 100 published posts, along with any scheduled posts in your Queue. You'll see a clock icon on any scheduled posts and if you hover over it, you'll see the time it's due to be published.

Above your posts, you’ll notice a link and a Preview Page button. This is the link you’ll want to add to your Instagram bio, which will be a unique page of all your posts with the links you add here. You do not need to change the link in your bio each time you change a link on an post.

Under each post, you'll see a text box where you're able to add a link. You can change this link at any time (or leave it blank), and your page will be updated automatically.

You can also add links to your posts during scheduling, by adding the link to the Shop Grid Link text field shown below.

Head over to https://www.instagram.com/ and click Edit Profile. Copy and paste the link from Shop Grid into the Website field and click Submit.

How users will see your page

Your unique page will display your Instagram profile image at the top, with all of your posts shown below. When viewed on desktop, users will see a "View" link when hovering over an image, and clicking on the link will take them to the link that you set up in Shop Grid within your Buffer Publish account.


  • Posts that include multiple images will be shown on your Shop Grid page, but only the first image will be visible.
  • Posts that include a video will be shown on your Shop Grid page, but the video will be shown as a static image.

Here's an example page viewed on desktop:

And here's the same example page viewed on mobile (where most viewers are likely to see it):

Please note, Shop Grid is a Buffer feature rather than an Instagram feature. It is not the same as Instagram's product tagging feature. The posts displayed on your Instagram feed will not be clickable. They will only be clickable on the unique page that you can link within your bio.

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