[Publish] Potential reach metric no longer available

In June, 2019 we removed the "Potential" metric from the Posts Report for Twitter because the number reported there was no longer the most accurate way to report on the potential reach of a Tweet.

Our previous way of generating this metric involved combining the Twitter profile's follower count and the follower counts those who retweeted the post. We developed this method many years ago, when Twitter was a chronological feed of posts and native analytics were less advanced.

Since this no longer gives an accurate assessment of the post's overall potential, and also doesn't match with any native metric in Twitter's Analytics dashboard, we thought it would be best to remove it. We're eager to make sure Buffer customers are looking at reliable data anytime they are trusting us for their analytics.

On our Premium and Business plans, we've added a new metric called "Impressions" that is pulled directly from the Twitter API and we hope will be more valuable and accurate.

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