[Publish] Who will posts be attributed to on LinkedIn Pages?

If you’re the owner or an Admin of a LinkedIn Page, you’ll be able to connect it to your Buffer Publish account. Whilst we authenticate your LinkedIn Page through your personal Profile, we won't access your personal information or post on your Profile.

Posts published to a LinkedIn Page will appear as being posted by the LinkedIn member who connected the Page to Buffer Publish. If you’re on a Business Plan and you’ve invited users to post to the LinkedIn Page that you’ve connected, any posts they schedule and share will also appear as being posted by you (if you’re the person who connected the Page). However, only Admins of the LinkedIn Page will see this information.

The screenshot above shows a post on Buffer's LinkedIn Page. The post was scheduled and shared by Bonnie (a member of our Marketing team), through Buffer Publish, but it is shown as being "Posted by Kevan Lee" (our VP of Marketing), since Kevan is the person who connected the LinkedIn Page to our account. Only Admins can see this information. Click here to see the post and notice that you don't see it was "Posted by Kevan Lee".

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