[Publish] Facebook post fails because your link goes against community standards

If your Facebook post has failed and you see an error message saying that it has violated Facebook's community standards, we recommend heading over to your Facebook account and trying to share the same post through Facebook directly. In most cases, the post will not be successful and you will see Facebook's error shown below.

If you feel the link doesn't go against Facebook's community standards, you can click the "let us know" link in the message above to work through steps and let Facebook know it's an error. If you don't see the same error, you can still reach out to Facebook to get support. Unfortunately, we're not able to help with this process as we don't have any control over which links Facebook will allow.

If the link has been shared on Facebook before, anyone who has seen the link can report it as a violation to Facebook. Sometimes it's reported or flagged by Facebook by mistake. We know this can be frustrating, but if Facebook doesn't allow the link to be shared for any reason, unfortunately there isn't anything we can do to have that decision changed.

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