[Publish] Data discrepancies between Buffer Publish and LinkedIn Analytics

There are a couple of reasons you might see a discrepancy between the data in Buffer Publish and the data in LinkedIn Analytics.

Firstly, it’s important to note that we are only able to track clicks on shortened links. If link shortening is turned off, click metrics will not be available. Additionally, LinkedIn un-shorten links before they are displayed in the link attachment below the text. We are not able to gather data for clicks on the un-shortened link in the link attachment, so we’ll only be counting the clicks on the shortened link within the update text. This can sometimes result in a discrepancy between click metrics in Buffer Publish compared to LinkedIn Analytics, depending on where the post is receiving clicks.

Secondly, Buffer Publish pulls click metrics from Bit.ly. Bit.ly counts the total number of times a link has been clicked. This means that if the exact same link has been shared more than once, or to multiple social accounts, the number you'll see will include all of those clicks. LinkedIn, on the other hand, will simply count the number of clicks on the one specific post. Learn more about Bit.ly link tracking, and how you can get more information on your clicks, here.

Thirdly, the data we receive from LinkedIn only includes the number of comments on the post itself, and not the number of comments on comments. This means you may notice a lower number of comments in the Posts Report within Buffer Publish compared to LinkedIn Analytics. For example, if your post had five comments, and someone had replied twice on one of those, we would report a total of five comments, whereas LinkedIn would report a total of seven. Unfortunately, this is not something we can change right now due to this additional data not being available via LinkedIn's API.

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