[Publish] Changing your password


Historically, login details for Publish and Reply were entirely independent from one another, meaning you would need to log into each tool separately. In April 2019, we rolled out single sign on across our products, meaning you now only have one email address and password, even if you're using multiple products. Changing your email address or password from Publish or Reply, will also change it for the other.

If you know your current password and you'd just like to change it, or if you'd like to change your email address, follow the steps below.

If you have forgotten your password and you do not have access to your account, head over to https://buffer.com/oops and enter your email address. We'll email you a link to reset your password!

Changing your password and/or your email address


Click on your profile avatar at the top right of your Buffer Publish dashboard and then click Account.


You'll be taken to our new account management area, where you can update your password and/or your email address.

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