Buffer Pricing

Individual Plan Awesome Plan Small Business Plan Medium Business Plan Large Business Plan Enterprise Plans
Free $10/month $99/month $199/month $399/month from $600/month
1 social account per network* 10 social accounts 25 social accounts 50 social accounts 150 social accounts 150+ social accounts
0 team members 0 team members** 5 team members 10 team members 25 team members 25+ team members
10 scheduled posts 100 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts

* On the Individual Plan you can connect 1 type of social account per network, e.g. 1 x Facebook, 1 x Twitter, 1 x LinkedIn, 1 x Google+, 1 x Instagram. Please note that Pinterest is not available on this plan. 

** Team members can be purchased on the Awesome Plan for an additional $10/month per team member. For more information,  please hop over to this FAQ.

All plans can be paid on either a monthly or annual basis. If you choose to pay for any of our plans yearly, you would receive a 15% saving, which works out at about 2 months free per year! 💰

Buffer does not apply any tax to plan charges.

All prices are in USD. Unfortunately we are not able to bill for Buffer plans in any other currency. We're sorry about that.

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