[Publish] Buffer Publish Pricing

Buffer Publish Pricing

Free Plan Pro Plan Small Business Plan Medium Business Plan Large Business Plan Enterprise Plans
Free $15/month $99/month $199/month $399/month Custom
3 social accounts 8 social accounts 25 social accounts 50 social accounts 150 social accounts 150+ social accounts
0 team members 0 team members 5 team members 10 team members 25 team members 25+ team members
10 scheduled posts 100 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts 2000 scheduled posts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to pay yearly?

It sure is! We offer a 20% annual discount on the Pro Plan, and a 15% annual discount on the Business Plans.

Is sales tax or VAT added to prices?

No. The prices shown above are the prices you'll pay!

Can we pay in another currency?

All prices listed above are USD. We're not able to bill in other currencies and we apologise for the lack of flexibility there. Your payment would be the USD price listed above, at the exchange rate to your currency on the date the payment is taken.

Do you offer a non-profit discount?

We sure do! We're thrilled to offer a 50% discount on all our plans for non-profit organizations.