[Publish] 50% nonprofit discount on all Buffer Publish plans

Applying for the nonprofit discount

We're thrilled to offer a 50% discount on all our plans for nonprofit organizations! The thought of playing even a small part in your journey fills us with joy. You can get set up with a nonprofit discount in two easy steps:
  1. Grab a copy of your nonprofit documentation
  2. Submit your nonprofit request here

Accepted documentation

We accept any official documentation that supports your nonprofit status. This will vary depending on the country you live in. For example, US customers can submit a 501(c)(3) document, while UK customers can submit their registered charity number. 
Not sure what this looks like for your country? Here are some examples of documentation we will accept:
  • Official document stating that your organization is not a “for profit” organization
  • Official document stating that your organization is exempt from tax
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