[Publish] Email reminders and notifications

Buffer offers a number of email reminders and notifications for various events. You can enable/disable these by clicking on  My Account at the top right and then choosing Email Settings from the drop down menu. On the page you should find a section named "Reminders", where you're able to toggle on/off certain notifications. Here's a run down of each:

  • Empty Buffer: An email whenever one of your Queues is empty.
  • Newsletter: Occasional emails with new Buffer features, tips and tricks.
  • Update Failures: An email if one of your posts fails to publish.
  • Update Successes: An email whenever a post is published.
  • Weekly Digests: A weekly email with a summary of your posting activity and performance.
  • Awaiting Approval: An email whenever a team member (with Approval Required Access) requests approval on a post. You can read more about the approvals process here.
  • Post moved back to drafts: An email when one of your posts is moved back to Drafts. You can read more about the approvals process here.
  • Celebrations: Occasional emails celebrating posting achievements, such as a high level of engagement.
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