[Publish] Content Inbox

The Content Inbox is only available on our Pro and Business Plans. It is not available on the Free Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.



If you're keen to have fresh content at your fingertips everyday, we recommend checking out the Content Inbox, which is available to Pro and Business Plan customers. Here, you'll be able to add your favorite RSS feeds and choose which articles to share with your audience. This is a wonderful way of keeping your Queues topped up with great content!

Each of your social accounts will have it's own Content Inbox, meaning you can choose different RSS feeds (up to 15) for each one. For example, if your Twitter profile focuses on social media tips, you might choose to add social media feeds like the  Buffer blog or Kiss Metrics. While if your Facebook page has a different focus — tech and gaming news, for instance — you might prefer to connect feeds from The Verge or TechCrunch.

Setting up your Content Inbox

Choose a social account you'd like to set up the Content Inbox for, by selecting it on the left hand side of your dashboard. Then, head into the Content Inbox tab. Start typing in the first few letters of the feed you'd like to add and Buffer will pull in matching results. Click on the feed you'd like to add. Alternatively, copy and paste the URL of the feed you'd like to add and then hit return/enter ↵.

Once a feed has been added, Buffer will pull in the latest 10 articles from that site. To add more feeds, click on the Add & Remove button at the top of the list and then repeat the steps above. Feeds can also be removed here.

Adding posts to your Queue

If you've added a number of feeds, you might like to filter the list to find specific articles. You can do this by clicking the Viewing All Feeds button at the top of the list and then selecting the specific feed you'd like to see articles from.

When you spot an article you'd like to share, all you need to do is click on the Add button to the right of it. This will open up the composer where you're able to customize your post before adding it to your Queue, ready to be shared with your followers.

For detailed steps on using the composer, please hop over to this article.

If you'd like to keep your list clean and organized, click the Dismiss button to the right of any article you don't wish to share, to remove it from your list.