[Publish] Inviting team members


Having a team of people helping with your social media strategy can be a crucial asset in achieving your social media goals. You're able to invite team members on our Awesome and Business Plans:

  • Awesome Plan $10/month: Up to 5 team members can be purchased for an additional $10/month per team member (please get in touch so we can set this up for you)
  • Small Business Plan $99/month: 5 team members included
  • Medium Business Plan $199/month: 10 team members included
  • Large Business Plan $399/month: 25 team members included

Please note that team member features are more limited on the Awesome Plan, compared to the Business Plans, as highlighted in this guide. More information on our plans can be found here.

If you're keen to learn more about how Buffer Publish works for teams, we'd love for you to join a weekly webinar where we'll be providing a live demo of Buffer Publish for Business and answering questions on the spot.  Feel free to register here.

Inviting your team members


Start by clicking on the Admin link at the top of your dashboard and then clicking on Team Members.


From there, click on  Invite a New Team Member and then enter their name and email address.


If your team member should have access to connect social accounts and manage team members on your Buffer account, you can provide them with full  Admin Access by switching the toggle to Yes. Please note that team members with Admin Access will have full control over all of the social accounts you’ve already connected.

Admin Access is only available on the Business Plan. It is not possible to designate other Admins on the Awesome Plan.


You're then able to decide which of your social accounts the team member should be invited to. Click inside the box to below "Let’s assign a social account to your new team member" and start typing the first few letters of the social account you'd like to invite them to. Once a social account has been selected, you can set the level of access the team member should have.

  • If a team member is invited with Approval Required Access, they will be able to create posts in Drafts, and once ready, move them to Approvals, pending review.
  • If a team member is invited with Full Posting Access, they will be able to create posts both directly in the Queue and within Drafts. They are also able to approve posts submitted by team members with Approval Required Access.

Approval Required Access is only available on the Business Plan. All team members on the Awesome Plan will have Full Posting Access, which means they're able to create posts directly in the Queue, and there is no approval process available.

You can then continue assigning the team member to as many social accounts as you’d like.


Finally, click on Invite Team Member. They will receive an email invitation and will be required to create their own Buffer login. Once logged in, they will have access to any of the social accounts you've invited them to and they'll be able to start adding posts right away.

Assigning access and permissions in bulk


If you are managing lots of social accounts, you may prefer to assign permissions in bulk. This can be done by visiting the team member's profile and clicking the assign in bulk link.


From there, tick the social accounts the team member should have access to on the left hand side and then choose the level of access they should have. Finally, click Save Changes.

For information on approving posts submitted by team members,  please hop over to this guide.