[Publish] Why are posts added by my team member going directly into the Queue, rather than being submitted for approval?

Team members can only be invited on our Business Plans. Team members are not supported on the Free or Pro Plan. More information on our plans can be found here.

If you're noticing that your team member's posts are going directly into the Queue, rather than being submitted for approval, the first thing to check is that they are set up with Approval Required Access, and not Full Posting Access. For more information,  please hop over to this guide.

If your team member is set up correctly with Approval Required Access, it may be that they are accidentally signing into your account. This can happen if  Social Sign In is enabled, allowing your team member to log in via the social network, rather than their email address and password.

Click on My Account, followed by Access & Password, and scroll down to the Social Sign In section. If any of your social accounts are set to On, we'd recommend changing them to Off. This will help make sure your Buffer account is only accessible to you. Your team member will then need to sign into their Buffer Publish account using their email address and password.

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