[Publish] What to do if your social accounts keep disconnecting

We are so very sorry for the hassle you are experiencing with this one. We have seen this happen when multiple people have direct access to the social account such as Twitter or Facebook (i.e. they have the username and password to be able to login directly to that social network outside of Buffer).

One thing to note is that anyone who has login information for a social account can connect that account to their personal Buffer account. However, a social account can only be connected to one Buffer account at a time. For example, if you share the login information for a social account with someone and you each have your own separate Buffer accounts, only one of you can "own" the social account. 

If you "own" a social account and someone who is not in your organization tries to connect it to their Buffer account, this will essentially lead to the social account being "stolen" from your Buffer account. What is then likely to happen is that you will notice the social account has "disappeared" and then re-connect it to your Buffer account, therefore "stealing" it back.

We definitely haven't done a good job of making this clear and we are so sorry about that. If you're still hitting any issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch so we can dive in and take a look.