[Publish] How do I unlock a locked social account?

If you've recently downgraded your account to the Free Plan, you may have noticed that one or more of your connected social accounts has been locked. With the Free Plan, you can connect up to 3 social accounts (excluding Pinterest). If you're looking to narrow down your social accounts so they're within these limits, we'd recommend removing the accounts you no longer need which will then unlock the account you'd like to keep.

You can do this by selecting the social account you're looking to remove on the left hand side of your dashboard and then clicking on Settings in the upper right corner. From there, click Remove. You'll be asked to confirm this choice because removing a social account also deletes all data and history. If that's cool, go ahead and confirm that you're sure!

If you don't wish to delete any social accounts (i.e. if you'd like to keep them connected to Buffer Publish in case you upgrade in the future), you can choose which accounts to unlock using drag and drop. Drag the accounts you'd like to unlock to the top of the list on the left hand side of your dashboard and then reload the page. The accounts nearest the top will unlock and the accounts nearest the bottom will lock.

Alternatively, if you're looking to manage more social accounts, perhaps you'd like to consider the Pro Plan. For $15/month, you can connect up to 8 social accounts and schedule up to 100 posts in advance. Feel free to head to this article for more information on our plans.

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