[Publish] Where are the Analytics for my Instagram account?



The Posts Report under Analytics, is where you’ll see a history of your posts that have already been published, both those that were schedule through Buffer Publish, and those that were posted to Instagram natively.

The amount of data we're able to display is a little different than the other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. While Buffer holds the data we have for other networks directly, we're only able to access the data for Instagram on an "on-demand" basis.

By default, Buffer will pull in the initial first page of data for Instagram, which is what you'll see within the Posts Report. This same information is then going to be reflected in other places such as the Analysis Report (available on our Business Plans) and the Calendar view of the Queue (available on our Awesome and Business Plans).

While you may see quite a bit of data within the Posts Report, when viewing other places as mentioned above, you may find that updates are missing for dates a bit further in the past. There may have been posts published on those dates, but the reason they're not appearing is due to the data not yet being pulled into the Posts Report on that "on-demand" basis.


The first thing to try would be to return to Posts Report and scroll further down in the list. Buffer would then load the additional posts that had been published further in the past. Once they've been loaded there, the data would then appear in those other places.

What to do if you're not seeing any data at all

If you're finding that there is no data at all showing in the Posts Report, even though posts have been published, reconnecting your Instagram should fix things up. Select your Instagram account on the left hand side of your dashboard and then head to Settings > Reconnect. You'll be prompted to re-enter your login details and after that, you should be all set.