[Publish] Getting started with Bulk Buffer

Bulk Buffer is a free third party app, allowing you to bulk import posts to your Queues within Buffer Publish.

Bulk Buffer support can be reached via Twitter @BulkBuffer or via email sent to luke@lukelanchester.com.


Head over to Bulk Buffer and click Start uploading for free.


Click Allow access when prompted, to authorize Bulk Buffer to access your Buffer Publish account.


Once logged in, you'll have the option to upload a CSV file, or add updates manually. Your CSV does not need to have any headers. You can download an example CSV here.


  • It is not currently possible to bulk import posts to Pinterest accounts.
  • It is not currently possible to import images or videos using Bulk Buffer.
  • During the import process, Buffer Publish will turn any full URLs into short links. Learn more about link shortening here.
  • If you include a link with your post and import it to your Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts, a link attachment will be automatically generated. Learn more about link attachments here.


Once imported, each row from your CSV will be displayed as a post on the page. You can make modifications at this stage if you'd like to, and then select which social accounts you'd like to share the posts to.


Finally, click Send to Buffer.


The posts will be sent to your Queues and from there, you can make any changes and upload images or videos to go with your posts.

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