[Publish] Can we remove the "Posted by Buffer" stamp from our Twitter and Facebook posts?


Posts published through Buffer to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups and Twitter will display a stamp showing it was published by Buffer. This source stamp is something that is added by the social network and some customers have asked if it's possible to remove the mention of Buffer. Sadly, this is not possible as it's something that Facebook and Twitter require of all third party apps right now. It's definitely not a marketing choice on our part and we would like to remove this for you if we could!


Posts published to Facebook Pages will display a "Published by Buffer" link, but this is only visible to Page Admins. Your followers will not see this link.

Posts published to Facebook Groups will display a "Buffer" link, which is visible to both Admins and followers. The image below on the left shows how the link looks on a Facebook Page, and the image below on the right shows how the link looks on a Facebook Group.


All posts on Twitter will show a "Tweet Source Label" which shows if the tweet was posted via Twitter itself or through a third party source like Buffer Publish. Here’s more information from Twitter about this. Note that this source label may not be visible in all versions of Twitter. The image below shows how the source label looks in a tweet.

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